September 19, 2023, 5-6:30pm
Salina Elementary School
2700 Ferney St, Dearborn, MI 48120

The Dearborn Green Schoolyards initiative is a result of the district and City of Dearborn’s commitment to clean air, clean water, and clean energy sources for all citizens. Our focus is to connect our children to nature through nature-based learning, to educate them about their environment, and help them learn how to continue to conserve environmental resources.  Our children need nature-based experiences and activities to strengthen their physical, mental and emotional health. Children will be happier and well balanced through time spent outdoors.

Salina Elementary has a beautiful garden where students work every day. The school team has a campus plan for expanding their Green Schoolyard. Green Schoolyards are outdoor environments that strengthen local ecological systems, provide learning opportunities, and foster a wide range of play and social opportunities while enhancing health and well-being. These schoolyards include trees, gardens, rain gardens, landscaping and play spaces, and resources designed for the students and the community. See these links for examples of nature playscapes and outdoor classrooms. Green Schoolyards also provide space for community members to use during non school hours.

The Green Schoolyards team is always looking for partners to support the nature-focused learning initiative. Activities could be supporting the garden, spending time with the students, being with children during outdoor time or various other activities.

You can contribute financially at the green link below. If you would like to contribute by volunteering or with an in-kind donation please email Susan Stanley at

The Dearborn Education Foundation is helping our schools collect funds for this project. Please consider making a donation on this link:

Click here to download the event flyer.